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Speech Therapy at Home 

Communication & Life Skills

A B A   T H E R A P Y   A T   Y O U R   H O M E

Social Skills

Difficulties with social interaction is one of the major identifiers of ASD ond often the one that stands out most when interacting with someone on the spectrum. This can manifest in a range of behaviors, from completely avoiding any sort of personal interaction at all… to completely monopolizing conversations on a single topic that nobody other than the person speaking seems to be very interested in.  Difficulties with social interaction stem from a number of underlying factors including: delays and difficulty in acquiring verbal communication skills; the inability to read non-verbal communication cues, repetitive or obsessive behaviors and insistence on an adherence to fixed routine and overwhelming sensory inputs.  These traits make it enormously difficult for children with autism to acquire the basic social skills that most of us take for granted.  

This deficit is often misread as a desire to avoid people or social situations, but that couldn’t be further from the truth: most individuals with ASD want to interact with others, they simply don’t have the skill set to do so easily.  With proper training (which often includes components of applied behavior analysis and and language intervention), many children are able to make significant progress in social interactions. 

Nexus Therapy offers programs that focus on teaching children the joy of social interaction, functional play and interactive play.  Particular emphasis is given to teaching the necessary turn taking, play language and step by step play routines that need to be in place before a child is ready to practice and generalize these skills with other children during play dates or at school.


Difficulties with speech and language can have a life long impact if not addressed in a timely manner. As children with speech and learning difficulties get older, success in school and making friends can become a challenge. If such problems persist into adulthood, social and academic repercussions may result. Adults with speech or language difficulties may find themselves struggling professionally and in their personal lives. Parents with concerns regarding their child’s communication are advised to contact a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Nexus therapy follows best practice health & safety measures when providing aba therapy for children at home or daycare.  We begin with a child and family focused assessment and then develop an individualized treatment plan to support in the growth of speech and language skills, help children function within their home and community environment and prepare them for school.  

Home-based speech therapy provides the opportunity to improve speech and language skills within the child's natural environment:

Unclear speech

Play language
Social skills

Language Comprehension

Following Directions & Performing Chores

Functional Communication

Conversational Interaction


Written Language

Family Focused Care

Parent & Care Giver Training

​​​​​​​​​​​What is Applied Behavioural Analysis

ABA is an evidence-based practice that involves application of systematic environmental modifications to produce socially significant improvements in behavior. ABA is an individualized and collaborative behavioral treatment approach driven by assessment and data.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the process of applying interventions that are based on the principles of learning derived from experimental psychology research to systematically change behavior and to demonstrate that the interventions used are responsible for the observable improvement in behavior. ABA methods are used to increase and maintain desirable adaptive behaviors, reduce interfering maladaptive behaviors or narrow the conditions under which they occur, teach new skills, and generalize behaviors to new environments or situations. ABA focuses on the reliable measurement and objective evaluation of observable behavior within relevant settings including the home, school, and community. The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in ASDs has been well documented through 5 decades of research by using single-subject methodology.  

Comprehensive ABA interventions are designed to drive improvements in specific skills that are foundational for more global developmental changes. Treatment may be provided for an extended period of time, and takes place in the comfort of your child's home, school or daycare facility. Programs are based on the behavior principles of reinforcement, using task analysis to break down skills into their parts, and then using repeated trials with systematic prompt fading. Skills are then generalized across stimuli, persons, and settings to ensure functionality and maintenance of skills taught. Parent/sibling/family involvement is strongly encouraged. Research supports the use of comprehensive ABA interventions as being highly effective in improving social skills, adaptive skills, and language skills when provided 25-40 hours per week. Earlier intervention has been shown to produce stronger results.

We use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) strategies to assist children and youth in developing skills in the areas of: communication, social skills, play, behaviour, cognition, joint attention, imitation, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and personal independence including feeding, dressing and toileting.  ABA strategies are also applied to treat challenging behaviours. Behaviour Therapists incorporate the child’s motivation and interests to build new skills and address various behaviours.

ABA Therapy

Nexus Therapy provides a individualized treatment services for autism spectrum disorder based on the functional needs of the child and family.  Our therapy methods are directed towards helping each individual to increase their overall independence and improve their quality of life.

We understand that there is no single solution for the treatment of autism, therefore each plan is specifically tailored for each individual client and implemented in a distraction-free environment by a highly trained behavior therapist.  We design our programs to utilize teaching techniques that have been scientifically proven to be the most effective.  These techniques include errorless teaching, teaching to fluency, mixing easy and difficult tasks, and mixing and varying targets.  Our teaching strategies focus on breaking down certain skills into smaller, teachable parts and then providing reinforcement contingent upon correct responses. Our programs also address deficits in the areas of communication, social skills, visual performance, receptive language, play skills, self-help, gross motor, fine motor, vocal imitation, requesting, labeling, intraverbal, mand training, answering questions and conversational skills.

We provide education, training, treatment, and consultation services to public and private schools, agencies, individual families, and other behavioral and non-behavioral professionals.

Each individual has the potential to lead a productive and functional life if given the proper guidance and correct tools to do so.  Our therapy objective is to provide our clients with the tools they require.  These tools include communication skills, play skills, social skills, behavior management, and functional living skills. We are dedicated to striving that each client leaves with the ability to successfully use the skills taught to function in their everyday life.

Naturalistic Developmental Behaviour Intervention (NDBI)

​​​​​NDBI combines the principles of applied behavior analysis and child development to improve a range of areas in a child’s development: communication, social engagement, challenging behaviors, play behaviors, peer interactions, daily living skills, and academic skills. This approach provides children with opportunities for skill building in the context of interactive, natural settings (e.g., in the home, at the park) across a range of and during daily routines, social interactions, and play activities while emphasizing the use of natural rewards that are directly related to the activity at hand (e.g., child being able to play with the toy that is used to teach the word).  Therapists follow the child's play interests to guide activities which are used to increase motivation and engagement for learning with special focus on the child’s social engagement and meaningful interactions within the learning context.  Parent training and family involvement are emphasized. 

Our therapists develop functional treatment plans to support children at home, day care or montessori, and to help them transition to school and the community at large.  Each session is tailored to your child’s strengths, needs and interests and carried out in a fun, and motivating way.​​​​​​​​​​​ Treatment programs target a variety of skills including: listening, compliance, life skills, comprehension, speech, language, toilet training, school readiness academic skills and social skills. 

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Reading & Writing


Whether a child has a ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, difficulties with paying attention in class, processing spoken language, understanding the language of instruction and executive functioning can significantly impact on a child's ability to learn and function at school.  Without direct one to one instruction and support children on the autism spectrum fall further and further behind their peers with the passage of time.

Nexus Therapy offers individualized academic support and home schooling programs in Kitchener-Waterloo to help students meet their academic potential in learning, reading, literacy and math.  We offer ABA Therapy Services at Home or in Montessori Schools and Private Schools in North York, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara Region and Ottawa

ABA ​​​​​​​​​​Therapy at School​

Shadowing & Classroom Support

Occupational Therapy

​Pediatric Occupational Therapy assessment, direct treatment and inter-disciplinary consultation for your aba team is recommended to support your child's treatment. Our goal for each child is to achieve the greatest possible level of independence and success during play, everyday life and work.

An Occupational Therapists can assess and provide treatment support to children with fine motor skills, sensory processing disorder, upper body movement and strength, hand-eye coordination, basic self-care as well as recommend specialized equipment as needed.

Occupational therapy improves children’s cognitive and motor skills. Early intervention is the most successful intervention.  Contact Nexus Therapy for further information on how Occupational Therapy services can help.

N E X U S   A B A   T H E R A P Y

Personal Care & Hygiene

​The process of toilet training, personal hygiene, dressing and grooming is typically instilled in a child’s daily life as they grow. Parents teach children how to complete tasks like going to the bathroom, washing hands, brushing teeth, showering, combing hair, and putting on clothing and shoes in a specific order. Children with ASD typically take more time before they take to making personal hygiene and grooming into a routine.

Our ABA treatment programs focus parent and caregiver training and direct intervention to help children become more independent in using the bathroom, washing, bathing and dressing.  Contact our Care Coordinator for more information on how our aba team can help.

Academic Support

Reading & Literacy

Pediatric Therapy Services - Mississauga

School Readiness

Without receiving proper treatment prior to starting school many children on the spectrum lack the prerequisite skills to transition successfully into the classroom setting. Difficulties with listening, sitting in circle time, following directions, social interaction, play skills, transitioning from a preferred activity and understanding the lessons of the day can severely impact on a child's ability to learn and benefit from school.  Our individualized school readiness programs focus on developing all the key skills that a child needs to help him or her meet their potential and make the most of their valuable time at school.  We offer Aba therapy at your child's home or day care to help the develop the listening, communication, social skills, academic skills and fine motor skills for a more successful experience at school.

​ABA ​​​​​​​​​​Therapy at Daycare

Getting Ready for School

​​Speech & Language

​Experience the benefits of Inter-disciplinary speech therapy consultation as a part of your aba treatment program.  Our goal for each child is to achieve the greatest possible level of independence, comprehension and communication success during daily activities at home, daycare and school.  Our aba team will collaborate with your speech-language pathologist to help your child speak more clearly and maximize their communication potential.

Contact Nexus Therapy for further information on our collaborative approach to aba treatment to better help your child understand and follow directions, communicate their needs. answer questions, share personal information and develop social language skills.

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